Why Public Health


Why Public Health?

 Ask an American,Do you think the United States is one of the healthiest nations in the world?”  Most people would say, “Yes.” Sadly, the answer is, “we are not.”  Compared to other developed nations, we are falling far behind in maintaining a healthy nation.  However, it does not have to be this way.   Americans can make this the healthiest nation in just one generation. Being committed to a healthier America is something we can all do; starting today.

How can I become part of the healthiest nation?

    • First, support public health – from the local public health department to the neighborhood park(s). A healthier America is not possible without the support of you and your community.
    • Second, adopt a healthier lifestyle. Encourage others to do the same. Help us teach a new generation that simple actions can make you healthier.
      • Exercise regularly
        • A daily (scheduled) exercise routine does not have to be extensive.  You do not have to go to a gym to exercise.  The exercise does not have to be “strenuous” to be a successful workout.  Flexibility routines combines with strength training go a long way toward a healthier you. Continued success of daily (scheduled) exercise is best accomplished with support.  Have a friend or family member work out with you.
      • Stop smoking
      • Eating healthy
        • Reduce fat & carbohydrate intake
        • Reduce intake of sugar
        • Reduce intake of salt
          • Reduce intake of carbonated, sugary drinks
          • Reduce intake of sugar laden foods (desserts & snacks)
        • Don’t snack before going to bed
        • Try not to eat just for the sake of eating; when you are bored
        • Try consuming smaller portions of food during regular meals.  It is not
          necessary to fill you plate with towering amounts of food.
    • A healthier life style will lead to a happier, longer and more productive life.
      It only takes one generation of healthy children to become a generation of healthy adults.
      Now is the best time to start.  If you wait for the best time to start, you will never start.

Healthiest Nation in 1 Generation

There are two parts to the Healthiest Nation in 1 Generation equation:
Public Health is half of the equation, YOU are the other half of the equation.

Educate Yourself                                                                                                                    
                Spread The Word
                                      Join Us – Make America The Healthiest Nation
                                                                                                  Do Something Daily To Stay Healthy
A Healthier America Begins With You!  Check Out The Video

County HealthInfographics - PublicWhat is Public Health


Where we live matters to our health. The health of a community depends on many different factors, including quality of health care, individual behavior, education and jobs and the environment. We can improve a community’s health through programs and policies. An example would be people who live in communities with ample park and recreation space are more likely to exercise, which reduces heart disease risk. People who live in communities with smoke-free laws are less likely to smoke or to be exposed to second-hand smoke, which reduces lung cancer risk. The problem is that there are big differences in health across our communities with some places being much healthier than others.

Counties in Missouri receive two summary ranks: 
Health Outcomes                        
Health Factors

Each of the above ranks represents a weighted summary of a number of measures. Health outcomes represent how healthy a county is while health factors are what influences the health of the county.

                                            HEALTH CARE FACTORS
                  The summary health factors ranking is based on four factors: 
  Health behaviors                                Clinical Care
 Physical Environment                        Social and Economic

Each of these factors is based on several measures  

Measures of smoking                          Exercise                           Diet
Alcohol Usage                                Risky sex behavior

Clinical care includes measures of access to care and quality of care.

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The Heartbeat of Public Health

Funding Public Health protects our community and kids.   
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It is often difficult to describe Public Health and its impact upon our citizens and our communities.  Public Health is often out of the public eye until some catastrophe, foodborne illness outbreak of contagion outbreak occurs.  When disaster strikes, Public Health responds to the needs of the community and its citizens.  Public health helps kids grow up to be healthy, learn healthy habits, which in turn builds strong, healthy communities.  Public Health saves lives and saves money.  Click the green button above to learn about the positive impact of Public Health and to reinforce the need, the importance of funding for Public Health agencies and programs.

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Public Health

Question: If someone asked you WHAT is Public Health would you say???

 Answer:  Public Health is all around us.  From the water we drink, the immunizations we receive, and the environment in which we live, that’s Public Health.

   Public Health Is Prevention
Public Health is the practice of preventing disease and promoting good health within groups of people, from small communities to entire countries.

  Public Health Is Policy Development And Population Health Services
Public health professionals rely on policy and research strategies to understand issues such as infant mortality and chronic disease in particular populations.

   Public Health Saves Money And Improves Quality Of Life
A healthy public gets sick less frequently and spends less money on health care; this means better economic productivity and an improved quality of life for everyone. More than $1 Trillion of lost economic output can be attributed to public health concerns.

   Improving Public Health Helps Children Thrive
 Healthy children become healthy adults.  Healthy kids attend school more often and perform better overall.  Public health professionals strive to ensure that all kids grow up in a healthy environment with adequate resources, including health care.

   Public Health Prevention Reduces Human Suffering
Public health prevention not only educates people about the effects of lifestyle choices on their health, it also reduces the impact of disasters by preparing people for the effects of catastrophes such as hurricanes, tornadoes and terrorist attacks.

   We Are Public Health
Rather than being a single discipline, public health includes professionals from many fields with the common purpose of protecting the health of a population.

 Emergency Responders   Restaurant Inspectors  Health Educators  Public Policymakers 
Scientists and Researchers  Public Health Physicians & Nurses  Occupational Health and Safety
Professionals  Social Worker  Sanitarians  Epidemiologists  Nutritionists  Community Planners

  Defending The Public’s Health
 Vaccination programs for school-age children and adults to prevent the spread of disease  Regulation of
prescription drugs for safety and effectiveness  Safety standards and practices to protect worker health and
safety  Ensuring access to clean water and air  Educational campaigns to reduce obesity among children
 Measurement of the effect of air quality on emergency recovery worker  School nutrition programs to
ensure kids have access to nutritious food.

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