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Food Safety Training Courses & Safe Food Handling

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Food Safety Training Courses

Course Description:  The course is designed to introduce/reinforce safe food handling practices within a food establishment.  The course is appropriate for all personnel in the ‘food industry’ whether they are a new employee, middle or upper management, or an owner.  The course focuses on the safe handling of food products and personal hygiene within the food establishment.

Location of Classes:The courses will be offered at Mineral Area College within the Willa Kusman
North College Center, rooms A-C.

Class Times: Two classes will be offered. A morning class is offered from 9:00 am until 11:00 am.
An afternoon class is offered from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm.

Cost: The classes are presented at NO COST to participants or their employers.
* $5.00 fee for classes utilizing the ServSafe Starters, Employee Guide.
Contact SFCHC ENvironmental Health Department to see if your class will
be using the ServSafe, Employee Guide text & materials.

*Hepatitis A Vaccination Now Available: The pre-exposure vaccine against the Hepatitis A virus is available at the St.Francois County Health Center.  The cost for the vaccination is $50.00.  Two vaccinations are given six months apart.  The vaccination provides a good measure of protection against contracting the Hepatitis A virus.

The Hepatitis B vaccination is also available at St.Francois County Health Center at a cost of $35.00.  Call 431-1947, ext. 131 for information or to arrange for a Hepatitis vaccination.

Registration: Call St.Francois County Health Center at 573-431-1947 ext. 121 at the Environmental Health Department to register for the classes.

Parking: Parking is available within the student parking lots denoted by letters A-G. Parking may not
occur in the numbered lots 1-4 as these lots are reserved for staff parking only.

*Vaccinations may not be available for all courses.

If you are interested in taking this course, please call 573.431.1947, ext. 121, and ask for Mary

Safe Food Handling Recommendations


1. Food Fully Cooked- Consumers continue to mistakenly believe that they can tell when meat is fully cooked by the color of the meat alone. Color is NOT an indicator of food safety.  Dr. Elsa Murano, former Under Secretary for Food Safety at USDA says,  “A food thermometer is the only way to determine when meat has reached a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria.”

2.. Clean –  Be sure there are plenty of clean utensils and platters on hand; raw foods vs ready to to eat foods.  Wash your hands often, especially during food preparation. Clean your thermometer after using it.

3. Separate – Separate raw and cooked/ready-to-eat food to prevent cross-contamination. Do not use the same knife to cut raws meats, vegetables and ready to eat foods. Do not put your cooked or BBQ meats on the same platter they were on when the meat was raw.

4. Cook – Cook foods to a safe internal temperature.
The proper cooking temperatures for common foods are:
Hamburgers: 155 degrees Fahrenheit
Pork: 145 degrees Fahrenheit
Chicken: 165 degrees Fahrenheit

5. Chill – At home, store leftovers in the refrigerator/cooler or freezer within 2 hours of taking food off the grill. On hot days above 90 °F refrigerate or freeze within 1 hour.
Check the refrigerator/freezer temperature occasionally with a  thermometer.
Make sure the refrigerator/cooler temperature is 41 °F or below.
Make sure the freezer temperature is 0 °F or below.

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Be Food Safe
     . . . 4 Simple Steps to prevent you from making people sick.

                    Clean               Separate               Cook          Chill
Each segment contains a video
Four Easy Lessons in Safe Food Handling

Recipes for Disaster

A Video Series 

Holiday Food Safety

A Video & Text Series

Parties and Large Groups

Holiday or Party Buffets
“No -Show” Guests Jeopardize Food
Cooking for Groups

Safe Foods Class

A variety of classes are presented by St.Francois County Health Center personnel.

Typically our education classes which are presented by the
Environmental Health Department meet in the North College Center.

  Food Safety Training                        To Be Announced      Mineral Area College
Session 1:                9:00am – 11:00am
Session 2:               1:00pm-3:00pm
Session 3:               4:00pm-6:00pm

 Safe Food In The Community            [to be announced]     Session 1 @ 9am – 11am

 Safe Food In The Community            [to be announced]    Session 2 @ 1pm – 3pm

*Safe Food In The Community will be held at Mineral Area College in the
North College Center

ServSafe Classes

Temporary Food Establishments

This type of food establishment is often referred to as an “itinerate food establishment” or a “temporary food event”.  To qualify as a temporary food establishment, the following conditions must be met: a food service establishment that operates for a period of not more than fourteen (14) consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

St.Francois County Health Center will be presenting ‘Temporary Food Establishment’
A course schedule will be posted as dates become available or classes are requested.

To enroll or request information concerning the course
please contact SFCHC at 573-431-1947, ext. 121