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Community Services

Community Services

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Farmington Ministerial Alliance


Thrift Store Needs:
Volunteers at the Thrift Store work at least 1 scheduled day a week either Mornings 9am – 12:30/1pm or Afternoons 12:30/1pm – 5pm. You choose the day! We would like to start a rotation on Saturdays of 1 shift per Month.
Cashiers are needed: Mornings on Saturdays, Afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Clothing (sort, price, hang, steam, stock): Mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Toys (sort, clean, price, stock): This position could be either shift on any day. We just need volunteers to keep up with the donations.
Glassware, Home Décor & Misc. (Sort, Clean, Price, and Stock): This position could be either shift on any day. We just need volunteers to keep up with the donation.
Domestics (Bedding, Curtains, Fabric, Crafts etc..): Mornings or Afternoons on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
Truck Driver/Furniture Mover: This position would be an on call position for a 2 person team. Pick Ups would be scheduled according to the team’s availability.

Food Pantry Needs:
The Food Pantry is open to our clients on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 9am – 12pm. We have Volunteers that work once a month, every week, on call, and floaters. We can work with anyone on the schedule.
Client Service Positions: Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays 8:45 – 12:00/12:30
Front Counter: Paperwork, filing, direct client contact, answer phone, etc…

Client Assistance: Assist clients on the front shelves where they are able to choose items for themselves. Inform clients of what they are allowed to get from each shelf.
Cold/Freezer: Pulls client orders from the refrigerators and freezers following posted guidelines. Completes paperwork that tracks weights of food going out to clients.
Dry Goods: Pulls client orders from the dry good racks following posted guidelines. Weighing all food orders and communicating with Cold/Freezer person. Weigh and record any donations that come in during this time

Food Pick Up Positions:
Farmington Walmart: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am – 10am. Pick up and deliver to Pantry.
Save-A-Lot Orders: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pick up list of needed items from Pantry Director and go get them from Save-A-Lot.
Produce Coop: Every other Saturday at 9:15 pick up at St. Paul’s and deliver to Pantry. Done by 10:30 or earlier.
Panera Bread: Be at Panera Bread at 9:45pm every Saturday night and wait for them to get left over bread together. Deliver it to the pantry walk in cooler. Could be as late as 11:30 pm
If you are interested in volunteering and helping out at the Farmington Ministerial Alliance you may come by the Thrift Store or Food Pantry to pick up a volunteer application and take a tour. Remember we couldn’t do the work we do without our volunteers.

For more information you may go to their website here.

American Red Cross

Click on the links below to find information from the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross: Disaster Services

This site contains information concerning:
Disaster Preparation
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Classes

American Red Cross: Be Prepared

This site contains information concerning:
Prepare your home and family
Preparedness for workplaces and employees
Preparedness for schools and students
Preparedness fact sheets
Shop for preparedness supplies

American Red Cross: Stay Safe!
What you need to know to stay safe.
This site contains information in English & Spanish concerning:
Chemical Emergencies               Drought
Earthquakes                              Fires
Floods                                       Flu
Heat Waves                              Hurricanes
Landslides                                 Pandemic Flu
Pet Safety                                Power Outage
Returning home after a hurricane or flood
Terrorism                                 Thunderstorms
Tsunami                                     Volcanoes
Wildfires                                  Winter Storms

Emotional health

Child Abuse and Neglect

*Click the ‘blue ribbon’ to visit Kids First

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Promotes
Statewide Efforts to Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect

“Strong Families, Safe Kids” is this year’s theme.
The Health Department’s Injury and Violence Prevention Program
has collaborated with Missouri Kids First and the Children’s Trust
fund to develop a web-based child abuse prevention packet that
individuals and communities can modify and use to support local
child abuse prevention efforts.

Click on the following web addresses for details:


MO Kids First

Other websites and information are available at the above listed sites.

Child abuse Prevention and its Blue Ribbon Compaign began in 1989
as a Virginia grandmother’s tribute to her grandson who died as a
result of abuse.  She tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her
car as a way to remember him and to alert her community
to the tragedy of child abuse.  Since that time, the blue
ribbon has become a nationwide symbol for the fight against
child abuse and neglect.

CALL THE HOTLINE AT 1-800-392-3738

Stopping Adult Financial Exploitation


Missourians Stopping Adult Financial Exploitation

Click the MO$AFE logo to help stop exploitation of our senior citizens

Local Resources

St Francois County has several local resources that are available to help support and direct you in a manner that will be conducive to linking your needs to the appropriate establishments.  Listed below you will find links to community resources of St. Francois County.

St.Francois County Community Partership’s mission is to build, nurture, and strengthen families, insuring that every person has the opportunity to become a healthy, productive, and contributing member of the community.  For further information from SFCCP please click on link.

Our 211 resource which covers numerous divisions of services is one of our largest links.  This number/link is not for fire, police or emergency needs.  All you have to do is dial 2-1-1 or click on link above to be informed of community resources and volunteer information. 

East Missouri Action Agency (EMAA) may be reached by dialing (573)431-5191 and is located at 107 Industrial Drive, Park Hills, MO 63601 or click on the above link.  EMAA helps with utilities, housing, womens health and head start.


Parkland Health Center-Farmington is a local hospital located at 1101 West Liberty Street Farmington, Missouri 63640.  Parkland Health Center Weber Road is located at 1212 Weber Road in Farmington, Missouri 63640.  Parkland Health Center- Bonne Terre is located at 7245 Raider Road Bonne Terre, Missouri 63628.  All three hospitals are affiliated with BJC HealthCare.

Southeast Missouri Transportation System is a local transportation service that covers 20 counties in Missouri and is there to help serve the needs of our community by offering services to local residents.  Feel free to contact them at (573)431-5765 or by clicking the above link.

St Francois County Health Center is a non profit organization that is funded by the Federal, State and County government. We provide service to the public in these fields: Medical, Environmental, Social, and Emergency Planning.  SFCHC is located at 1025 W. Main Street, Park Hills, MO 63601.  You may reach them at (573)431-1947 or click on the above link.

St Francois County Court House is located at #1 North Washington Street
Farmington, Missouri 63640.  The St Francois County Annex Building is located at #1 West Liberty Street, Farmington, Missouri 63640.  You may call 1-573-756-3623 or 1-573-431-6505.  Click the link above to get more information on the court house and annex buildings.

St Francois County Social Security Administration is located at 507 East Main Street, Park Hills, MO 63601 and can be reached at 1-877-622-9009.  The link above will take you to the Missouri Social Security Administration website for questions you may have about yoursocial security.

St. Francois County Division of Social Services is located at 140 Staples Drive,
Park Hills, MO 63601.  They can be reached at (573) 431-6592 or by clicking on the above link for further information and services.  St Francois County Division of Social Services strives to strengthen families and help give them self support.

US Government Links

Each of these sites have search engines which can provide you with a tremendous
amount of information concerning health information, state programs,
environmental tests and resources available to individuals and families.

U. S. Food & Drug Administration

 U. S. Department of Homeland Security

USDA:United States Department of Agriculture
EPA: Environmental Protecction Agency
CDC: Center for Disease Control

MO Government Links

Each of these sites have search engines which can provide you with a tremendous
amount of information concerning health information, state programs, and resources
available to individuals and families


Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

 P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

Phone: 573-751-6400 Fax: 573-751-6041

  Missouri Department of Social Services

 Missosuri Department of Agriculture   
Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Health Links


National Public Health Week 

American Red Cross: Health & Safety

   Center for Disease Control

   Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services



American Cancer Society

 Susan B. Komen For The Cure

 American Cancer Society

Breast Cancer

Women’s  Healthy Heart

 The Heart Truth
A National Campaign For Women About Heart Disease

Men’s  Healthy Heart

His Guide to A Heart Attack: Symptoms in Men


Centers For Disease Control
 Men and Heart Disease Fact Sheet
 Heart Disease Facts
 Risk Factors For Heart Attacks

Additional informational resources may be found by clicking the
“Women’s Health” tab  or the “Mens” Health tab
on the left of this page

Men’s Health Information

For Swine Flu information visit these websites . . .

Influenza surveilance statistics graphs, charts, and maps.
See where the flu is spreading, which states are effected, and how
many cases have been reported.

We’re a small team of healthcare professionals, patient advocates, and communication specialists who have one goal: to lead the way in supporting and encouraging mesothelioma patients and their families. – See more at:

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
 Cardiovascular Disease
 Healthy Weight
 Recipes for Healthy Eating

Food Safety Links

 U. S. Food & Drug Administration

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Missosuri Department of Agriculture
Farmer’s Market 
ServSafe @